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About Building Concepts

Building Concepts in mathematics is a different way of thinking about teaching and learning critical middle grades math ideas.
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Learning Sequences

Connect concepts within and across grade levels

Focused progressions of lessons support coherence and rigor in content and practice standards to build conceptual understanding and fluency.

Building Concepts is a coherent set of lessons and PD that targets learning across grade-levels to connect important mathematical concepts.

Standard & Grade Level Overview

Building Concepts

"It really makes my students think. It doesn’t give them too much information, but it gives me enough to help them. I’m the facilitator and they’re the learners."

Angie Slicker
Grade 7 math teacher

Professional Development

Enhance teachers' content knowledge and practices.

T³™ Workshops and free, on-demand T³™ Webinars explore methods for integrating the Building Concepts content and effective instructional practices with TI-Nspire™ technology in middle grades math classrooms.

Building Concepts in Mathematics Professional Development

T³™ Workshops explore methods for integrating Building Concepts in Mathematics content, instructional practices and TI-Nspire™ technology into the scope and sequence of middle grades curriculum.

In this video, math teachers Michelle Rinehart, Katie England and Dan Ilaria explore the unique qualities of Building Concepts professional development. As Rinehart explains: “Teachers will experience the mathematics hands-on. So, they will solve problems. They will explain their reasoning to others. They will critique the reasoning of others. They will really model all of the mathematical practices that we would want our students to be doing.”

TI-Nspire™ CX technology

Encourage students to interact with the math.