Education Technology

NCTM and Texas Instruments collaborate on lessons for Principles to Actions

For decades, both NCTM and Texas Instruments have been dedicated to providing the tools and support needed by mathematics teachers.  NCTM offers a myriad of resources in the pursuit of high-quality mathematics education for all students, including research, professional development and regional and national conferences.  TI is committed to delivering innovative technology alongside world-class professional development and classroom activities to increase student engagement and achievement in their mathematics coursework.

Now, NCTM and Texas Instruments have joined forces to highlight classroom lessons that support the teaching practices outlined in NCTM’s new publication Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All.  These activities, using TI-Nspire™ technology, align to the Eight essential Mathematics Teaching Practices.


Domain and Range 2

This lesson involves identifying a set of x-values in both symbols and words, identifying the set of x-values used in generating the function as the domain of the function, and identifying the set of y-values used in generating the function as the range of the function.


The Pentagon Problem

This activity provides a simple, virtual "geoboard" that allows students to manipulate the polygon displayed on a unit grid. The grid squares provide a visual means of finding area.


Solving Systems by Graphing

In this lesson, students explore a system of linear equations that intersects at one point and will identify the ordered pair that represents the solution.


Boxplots Introduction

Students will describe the overall pattern of a distribution by its shape, center, and spread. They will recognize and identify properties of distributions such as symmetry, skewness, outliers, and bi-modality from boxplots.