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Add NGSS 3D learning to your lessons

Example activities show you how to incorporate
Three Dimensional practices in your lesson plan.

Align existing lessons with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Use these activities as-is to combine knowledge with practice in middle grades and high school science classes — or use the blank template to convert your existing content into NGSS 3D lessons that support Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCI), Crosscutting Concepts (CCC) and Science and Engineering Practices (SEP) instruction.


Using Nanotechnology to Treat Cancer

Investigate connections between cell structure, cell growth and transport through body systems in the context of an innovative cancer treatment.

Open hands with alcohol all over them with arrow graphics showing evaporation for chemistry activity.



Plan and conduct an experiment to observe patterns in a simple data set, then develop and use models to explain a natural system phenomenon.


Designing a Better Helmet

Explore momentum, impulse and collision by devising a solution to a complex real-world problem — head injuries in sports.


Making Ice Cream

Explore and explain states of matter and phase changes with a lesson that delves into the chemistry of turning cream into a frosty treat.

Do it yourself

3D Lesson Template

Use this instructional template ― designed by Next Gen Education, LLC ― to create NGSS-aligned lesson plans that support DCI, CCC and SEP instruction in middle grades and high school science.