Education Technology

TI-10 elementary calculator

Introduce students in grades K–3 to basic problem-solving and fundamental math concepts to help them start building the foundation for future math success.

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Key features

  • Calculate place values from thousandths through thousands
  • Built-in math flash cards
  • Perform operations in M-D-A-S order
  • View up to two entries and results simultaneously


Explore place values

Students can explore place values; determine how many ones, tens (and tenths), hundreds (and hundredths) and thousands a number contains; and determine which digit of a given number is in a specified place. Exercises help even the youngest learners begin to understand how math is connected to real-world situations.


Engage students in self-directed problem-solving

Encourage students to explore math on their own with built-in flash cards that challenge their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. Set the flash cards for the appropriate level of difficulty and type of operation. Flash-card functionality gives students hints when a wrong answer is entered and includes an internal scoreboard enabling teachers to check each student’s progress.


TI-10 elementary calculator specifications

Built-in functionality

  • Negation key
  • Separate “Greater than” and “Less than” keys
  • Place value: hundredths through thousands
  • Electronic flashcards: three levels of difficulty using the “level of difficulty” key
  • Choose from + - x ÷ or find the operation
  • Calculator allows entry of a problem
  • View hints with “guess and check” feature
  • Scrolling/cursor keys (up, down, right, left)
  • View up to two entries and results simultaneously
  • Review and edit previous entries
  • View division results as quotients with remainders or decimals
  • One constant operations: show counters and results
  • Clear last entry or all entries and settings
  • Backspace and edit capabilities
  • Compare numbers and equations including inequalities
  • Round or fix to whole number or decimal places
  • EOS Equation Operating System performs operations in M-D-A-S order
  • Up to 23 levels of parenthesis
  • Error recovery capabilities
  • Allows memory retention of settings and previous entries


  • Hard plastic, color-coded keys
  • Two-line, 11 digits per line
  • Battery and solar power
  • Impact-resistant cover with quick reference card
  • Teacher kit available (includes 10 calculators, storage box, Teacher’s Guide CD and calculator poster)