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STEM Behind Hollywood

STEM Behind Hollywood

It’s in the blood

Zombie Apocalypse 2: The Humans Strike Back— the TI-Nspire™ sequel to the Hollywood-inspired Zombie Apocalypse — engages students in math and science as they explore the hypothesis that elevating blood pH could prevent people from becoming undead.

Dr. Schlozman is a Harvard Medical School professor who provides expert advice on zombies to filmmakers through The Science & Entertainment Exchange. He shared his expertise with TI and educators to develop the original STEM Behind Hollywood TI-Nspire™ activity, Zombie Apocalypse, and its sequel, Zombie Apocalypse II: The Humans Strike Back.

The newest STEM Behind Hollywood activity encourages students to investigate chemistry and life sciences principles, to observe processes such as titration, and to engage in designing experiments, predicting outcomes and testing their hypotheses.

Zombie Apocalypse II: The Humans Strike Back gives students an inside-look at STEM careers such as chemistry and biology by enabling them to model processes that real-life scientists and researchers use to develop cures and vaccines for infectious diseases.

Figure 2: The four parts of the brain impacted by the Zombie virus

Explore science with Zombie Apocalypse

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