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Earth Impact!, a TI-Nspire™ activity based on the science
and math behind Hollywood’s epic disaster-from-space thrillers,
promotes exploration and understanding of STEM principles that real-life
engineers, scientists, astronomers and mathematicians rely on every day.

The simulation opens with discussion-provoking depictions of the catastrophic events resulting from a massive asteroid striking the Earth. NASA is calling for the best and brightest minds in math and science to change the course of the asteroid to avert disaster.

“This activity provides students an engaging and hands-on way to learn how math works,” said Dr. Randii Wessen, Ph.D. – space expert at the Science & Entertainment Exchange and engineer at Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory – who consulted on this activity’s development

Earth Impact stimulates inquiry-based learning by encouraging students to individually analyze data provided by the simulation, and then to discuss their results, defend their reasoning and compare their findings with their peers.

Explore science and Math
with Earth Impact

Earth Impact! stimulates inquiry-based learning by
encouraging students to analyze data provided by the
simulation, and then to discuss their results, defend their
reasoning and compare their findings with their peers.

You've never seen math and science like this before

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