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Zombies and heroes and crime, oh my!

Exploring math and science has never been more entertaining. Some of Hollywood's most popular genres set the stage for fun, unusual activities that engage students in the STEM* concepts behind the showbiz magic.

Texas Instruments and consultants from the National Academy of Sciences' Science & Entertainment Exchange design STEM Behind Hollywood activities to jump-start students’ interest in STEM careers.

The Science & Entertainment Exchange connects STEM experts with producers who want to create accurate science, math and engineering contexts for their media, video games, TV shows and movies.

Now, let’s start the show.

STEM Behind Hollywood proudly presents:

Zombie Apocalypse I: STEM of the Living Dead has jumped species.

Once confined to TI-Nspire™ CX technology, zombies are sweeping through TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator classrooms. Exposing students to the contagion produces symptoms that include:

  • Understanding the math and science epidemiologists use to track and curb diseases
  • Exploring geometric progressions, interpreting data and making predictions
  • Investigating and discussing human brain function, immunity and more.

Trigger an outbreak of learning and infectious fun in your classroom.

Run this way!


Crack the code, discover the secret.

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Unravel a ghostly tale of a ride gone horribly wrong.

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Evaluate the evidence to discover whodunit.

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Try to stop a superhero’s stab at saving the day. 

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Save Earth from an asteroid strike. 

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*Science, technology, engineering and math.