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Forensics: STEM Behind Hollywood

STEM Behind Hollywood

The renowned forensic anthropologist Dr. Diane France, Ph.D., D-ABFA, worked with TI to develop two TI-Nspire™ classroom activities that enable students to use simulated data and evidence to make a positive identification from a line-up of persons of interest.

The new activity, The Bandit’s Bad Hair Day, introduces students to the STEM concepts behind DNA fingerprinting in a relevant, meaningful context. By taking them through the processes for testing trace evidence, the simulation provides opportunities to learn about the structure of DNA, the use of restriction enzymes to break DNA into specific strands, how they are sequenced and what they mean.

Body of Evidence casts students in the role of the forensic anthropologist. It provides them with information from a simulated death investigation and challenges them to identify the victim from a list of missing persons. By matching interactive graphical plots of the data with the victim’s state of decomposition, the students unravel the case using the same STEM tools real-life investigators use.

Both activities include: Technology tips to help you focus the learning; student worksheets; assessments; and materials to promote classroom discussion and inquiry-based learning about the science and math.

Explore the structure of DNA and the science of how it’s used to close crimes.
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Explore science with Zombie Apocalypse

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