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T³™ Onsite/Virtual Workshops

Bring a workshop to your school or district for educators of all TI technology skill levels to promote student exploration and deepen conceptual understanding.

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Accelerated Student Learning

Implement just-in-time intervention strategies that help middle and high school teachers bridge student learning gaps and maximize access to grade-level math content.

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Systemic In-School Programs

Customize an in-school program to ensure teachers have the skills and confidence to use TI technology in their classrooms. Get workshops and classroom mentoring that puts knowledge into action.

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PD Teacher Leader Cadre Horizonal preview

T³™ Teacher Leader Cadre

Create a team of school and district teacher leaders. Get nine days of in-depth technology, pedagogy and leadership training that teaches educators how to be mentors for their colleagues.

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Give teachers customized classroom support through one-on-one mentoring and team planning.

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Customized virtual learning

Build an interactive, virtual learning session around your specific professional learning goals.

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Student camps

Provide students targeted learning experiences that teach test-prep strategies for high-stakes exams.

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What educators are saying about T³™ Professional Development

“The instructor's ability to deal with many different levels of preexisiting knowledge was fabulous.” Beth Boas, Mathematics Teacher
Woodbridge High School (Virginia)
“The instructor did not just give us the answer but pressed on, making us think about the program objective and processes.” — Edmundo Lopez, CTE Teacher
Harlingen High School South (Texas)
“The strategies for integrating the calculator into our instruction using the software made this workshop so effective.” — Judith C. Boyd, Ph.D., Math Department Chair
E.E. Just Middle School (Maryland)
“Love the 'hands-on, doing-on' the calculator as a student and as the teacher.” — Kimi Corp, Teacher
Young Junior High School (Texas)
“T³™ professional development pushes you to think in a way that maybe you haven’t thought about in years.” — Bridget Soumeillan, Curriculum Developer Manager
Eureka Math at Great Minds (Louisiana)
“T³™ instructors go above and beyond to help us implement TI technology into our classes.” — Cindy Tobey, Geometry Teacher
Panama High School (Oklahoma)