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Move students through pandemic learning disruptions and put them on a path for building a strong foundation in grade-level mathematics.

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Bridge learning gaps to maximize access to grade-level content

With the Accelerated Student Learning Program, middle and high school mathematics teachers learn instructional strategies to create and implement long-term planning for teaching big ideas. They get the support to enhance their efficacy to address unfinished learning appropriately through the use of proven teaching strategies, TI technology and an extensive collection of classroom resources and activities.

Customized for your school or district

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Job-embedded professional learning with long-term sustainability

Throughout the program, participants focus on just-in-time intervention strategies, allowing prerequisite knowledge and skills to be addressed in the context of grade-level content. Providing ongoing support, specially trained T³Coaches assist teachers in anticipating unfinished learning, planning instruction and adjusting in response to student progress.

The program begins with a specialized workshop for teachers and department leaders to understand processes and implementation. All additional program components are customized to fit within your school’s normal schedule to minimize teachers’ time away from class.

Specialized workshop

The in-person Accelerated Student Learning Workshop kicks off a systemic approach for addressing student learning needs resulting from pandemic disruptions.

  • Identify key topics across the curriculum with attention to vertical alignment
  • Map just-in-time intervention strategies to address unfinished learning
  • Focus on building positive learning experiences for students

Recommended scope: one or two 6-hour sessions

Virtual sessions

To apply and extend learnings from the specialized workshop, teachers engage in a series of structured virtual sessions.

  • Further develop just-in-time strategies and attention to vertical articulation focused on immediate curriculum topics
  • Benefit from time between sessions to utilize a teaching and reflection cycle
  • Discuss techniques to gauge student progress toward grade-level content and plan to make necessary adjustments

Recommended scope: three to six 2-hour distributed sessions

Coaching and planning support

For more personalized guidance and application of the learning, T³ Coaches provide one-on-one and group support either in person or virtually.

  • Focus on lesson planning to implement strategies for just-in-time support of prerequisite knowledge and skills
  • Explore how to leverage key TI technology features to deepen student understanding
  • Benefit from in-class coaching and modeling of effective instructional practices through a gradual release model

Recommended scope: at least one half-day per teacher

Curriculum alignment

The curriculum alignment resource provides a roadmap of big-picture ideas and correlates content standards with key TI activities in support of accelerating student learning.

  • Align course expectations and prerequisite knowledge with teacher-tested student activities using TI technology
  • Reinforce vertical alignment conversations and planning with activities across grade levels
  • Effectively use this resource to build sustainability year after year beyond formal support sessions

Recommended scope: one curriculum alignment per grade level

Purchase information

Variable pricing depending on custom program options and the number of educators supported.

Funding support

TI offers grant writing assistance for schools and districts to help secure funding for new programs.

T³™, Teachers Teaching with Technology™ professional development from Texas Instruments, is an approved provider of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) in Texas.

Texas Instruments Education Technology is an approved Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) sponsor in New York.