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Solution 19191: Graphing Calculator Care and Storage.

What is the best method of caring for and storing a TI handheld product? 

For recommendations on disinfecting TI handhelds, please see Solution 26350: Recommendation for Disinfecting TI Handheld Products.

When dusting or removing fingerprints from a TI handheld product:

You may use an “electronic equipment cleaning wipe” to clean a calculator's screen, keypad, or back.  Do not attempt to clean the inside of any ports.  Never use solvents or other cleaning liquids.

• Avoid applying pressure to the screen/display.
• Keep foreign objects from penetrating the connectivity ports on the calculator.
• Keep liquids from getting inside the calculator.
When storing a TI graphing calculator:

• Place the slide case over the front of each calculator.
• If the calculator is being stored for more than 3 months, and contains AAA batteries, remove all four (4) of the AAA batteries. If the calculator uses a TI Rechargeable Battery, please click here to learn how to take care of TI rechargeable battery.
• It is safe to store the calculator in temperatures from 50 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit and with the relative humidity not exceeding 85%.
• If one battery in a set has a leak, discard the entire set of batteries. Click here for more information on replacing batteries in a TI graphing calculator.

 Please refer to your graphing calculator guidebooks for additional information.

Last updated: 7/05/2024