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Solution 10240: Troubleshooting a TI-Navigator™ Access Point That is Not Found in the Network Manager.

How do I troubleshoot a TI-Navigator Access Point that displays as "Device Not Found" in the TI-Navigator Network Manager?

To troubleshoot a TI-Navigator Access Point as [Device Not Found] or [Device Is Incorrectly Configured] by the computer, first verify the items below:

Please Note: The steps below only correspond to Type I and Type II Access Points pictured below. For assistance with the Nav-AP-US Access Point please visit Knowledgebase Article #31211.


• Verify that the TI-Navigator Access Point is connected to the AC Adapter and plugged into a valid power source.

Please Note: If plugged in correctly and working properly, the TI-Navigator Access Point should have a solid [Power] light.

• Verify the Ethernet cable that connects the TI-Navigator Access Point to the computer is one you received when you purchased the TI-Navigator system.

Please Note: The Ethernet cable that comes with the Access Point is a crossover cable, so normal Ethernet cables will not work to connect the TI-Navigator Access Point to the computer.

• Verify the Ethernet cable that connects the TI-Navigator Access Point to the computer is securely connected on both ends and the Access Point displays a [Link] light.

Please Note: If the link light is not displayed please visit Knowledgebase Article #10285 for information on how to troubleshoot the TI-Navigator Network Adapter.

• Verify the following list of items is whitelisted on your computers security software:

Please Note: If you are unsure on how to whitelist a program in your computers firewall please contact your IT Department or your security software support line for assistance.

C:\Program Files\TI Education\TI-Navigator\navigator.exe
C:\Program Files\TI Education\TI LearningCheck Creator\LearningCheckCreator.exe
C:\Program Files\TI Education\Class Analysis\ClassAnalysis.exe
C:\Program Files\TI Education\TI Network Manager\navconfig.exe
C:\Program Files\TI Education\TI Network Manager\UpgradeHubs.exe
C:\Program Files\TI Education\TI Inter Active!\Interactive.exe

Please Note: If you have installed the TI-Navigator software onto a drive other than the C:\ Drive please replace C:\ with the Drive letter you have installed the software on.

• Open TI-Navigator Network Manager by clicking [Tools] [Network Manager] from within the TI-Navigator Software.

• Verify the TI-Navigator Network Adapter displays as [Working Properly] as listed in the image below:

After verifying the above items please try the troubleshooting steps below to detect your access point:

• First attempt to add the access point by clicking [Actions] [Add Access Point]

• If the countdown starts above 100 seconds try resetting the access point by following the instructions that corresponds with your system type listed below:

• For Type I AP (RoamAbout™) shown in the image below, refer to the Knowledgebase Article #10281.

• For Type II AP shown in the image below, press and hold the reset button located on the side of the AP shown in the image below until the Activity LED starts blinking and let go of the reset button once the Link LED goes off.

• For Type II AP if the Activity LED does not blink or if the AP does not add after following the steps above try disconnecting the power cable for about 20 seconds. After 20 seconds reconnect the cable and wait about 1 minute and reattempt to add the access point.

If you need additional assistance with other components of the TI-Navigator System please visit Knowledgebase Article #31211.

If you require additional assistance please contact TI-Cares.