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Solution 10281: Resetting the TI-Navigator™ Access Point (TYPE 1) to Default Settings

How do I manually reset the TI-Navigator Access Point (TYPE 1) to its original settings?

NOTE: The information contained in this Knowledge Base solution is only for the TI-Navigator Access Point (TYPE 1). Below is an image of the TI-Navigator Access Point (TYPE 1):

Please follow the steps listed below to manually reset the TI-Navigator Access Point.

• Position the TI-Navigator Access Point so that the front side faces the user, with the row of five LEDs in the lower-right corner.

• Disconnect the Ethernet crossover cable and the power adapter.

• While pressing in the switch labeled S1, connect the power adapter to the access point. When depressed, the S1 switch will move about a quarter of an inch.

• Continue holding S1 until both the 2nd and 4th LEDs blink simultaneously (approximately 30 seconds).

• Release S1 and wait until the three rightmost LEDs blink simultaneously (approximately three minutes).

• Disconnect power adapter from the TI-Navigator Access Point for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, reconnect the power adapter and try to detect/add the TI-Navigator Access Point again.

Please see the TI-Navigator documentation for additional information.