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Brand voice

Speaking with impact

Each interaction with a customer is a conversation that influences their opinion of our brand.

When we collectively understand and apply the brand voice and tone, our content becomes more consistent. The more consistent we are, the more our audience will feel as though they know who we are and can trust what we say.

The TI Brand voice

Our brand voice defines our distinct personality. This personality is applied to everywhere our brand speaks, including newsletters, social media posts, internal official communications like company announcements and advertising.

The TI brand voice

  • Focuses on customer values and benefits
  • Is informative
  • Is conversational
  • Is creative

Voice attributes
All deliverables are important and should seek to impact customers by demonstrating that we are trustworthy, smart, inspiring and engaging.

Credible, Ethical, Believable, Direct, Committed. Everything we say is credible, compelling and backed by data. We hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Informative, Purposeful, Concise, Clever, Technical. We tackle challenges, remove obstacles and deliver the products and solutions our customers need.

Futuristic, Passionate, Bold, Innovative, Relentless. Our offerings transform ideas into a reality. We're passionate about changing the world.

Creative, Conversational, Ingenious, Human, Familiar. We connect and build meaningful relationships with our  audiences.