Geometric Investigations on the Voyage™ 200 with Cabri

The emphasis of the 11 activities in this book is on student exploration and the discovery of geometry principles through plausible reasoning. Any exploration can be used where it fits into the math classroom.
Author(s) - Charles Vonder Embse and Arne Engebretsen

Table of Contents

1.   Investigating Properties of Kites
2.   Investigating Properties of Trapezoids
3.   Investigating Properties of the Diagonals of Quadrilaterals
4.   The Orthocenter of a Triangle
5.   Cyclic Quadrilaterals
6.   Tessellations and Tile Patterns
7.   Polygons and Vectors
8.   The Simson Line
9.   Investigating Properties of Lines in the Plane
10. Building a Better Pet Run
11. Construction Tools: Interactive Function Graphs