Cabri™ Jr.: Interactive Geometry Activities and Investigations

Explore geometry through the 29 activities in this book. The focus here is on concepts rather than keystrokes and allows students to explore five areas of geometry in depth.
Author(s) - Charles Vonder Embse and Eugene Olmstead

Table of Contents

1.   Betweenness and the Sum of Parts
2.   Angles Formed by Two Intersecting Lines
3.   Angles and Transversals
4.   Perpendicular Bisector Theorem
5.   Shortest Distance Between Points and Lines
6.   Translations in the Plane
7.   Reflections in the Plane
8.   Rotations in the Plane
9.   Connecting Translations, Reflection, and Rotations
10. Dilations in the Plane
11. Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem using Transformations
12. Constructing Triangles
13. Angles of a Triangle
14. Triangle Inequality Theorem
15. Similar Triangles and Proportions
16. Midsegments of a Triangle
17. Ratios in Right Triangles
18. Altitude, Median, and Angle Bisector of a Triangle
19. Centers of a Triangle
20. Properties of the Centers of a Triangle
21. Constructing Quadrilaterals
22. Properties of Quadrilaterals
23. Midsegments of Quadrilaterals
24. Angle Bisectors and Medians of Quadrilaterals
25. Investigating Area Relationships
26. Constructing Circles
27. Angles Formed by Intersecting Chords, Secants, and Tangents
28. Segments Formed by Intersecting Chords, Secants, and Tangents
29. Equations of Circles