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Solution 37677: TI-Innovator™ HUB no sketch object for the vibration motor

Why is there no sketch object for the vibration motor for the TI-Innovator HUB?

Please Note: This issue is fixed in version 1.1 of Sketch please update your TI-Innovator hub to resolve this issue. If you are unable to update please read the issue that exists on 1.0 below:

Almost all of the I/O modules have a corresponding object in the sketch however the vibration motor does not.

The vibration motor can be controlled via the ANALOG.OUT object.
CONNECT ANALOG.OUT 1 TO OUT2 – when the vibration motor is connected to OUT2
SET ANALOG.OUT 1 0 – turn it off
SET ANALOG.OUT 1 TO 255 – turn it on at full power
SET ANALOG.OUT 1 TO 127 – turn it on at half power