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Solution 39257: Correcting the Error Message Waiting...Please Install Calculator Software Now on a TI-84 Plus Family Calculator.

How do I correct the Error Waiting...Please Install Calculator Software Now message on my TI-84 Plus family calculator?

If an operating system (OS) update fails or is interrupted, the calculator will be in an inoperable state with the message Waiting...Please install calculator software now. The most common cause of a transfer being interrupted is updating the operating system on a calculator with low batteries or charge.

Please Note: If TI Connect CE software is not already installed please do not have your calculator plugged into your computer during the download and installation of TI Connect CE.

In order to install the software please follow these steps:

Please Note: If your calculator was purchased in 2011 or later please view the knowledgebase article #29850 for additional information.

1) Download the operating system for your calculator by clicking on the link below that corresponds to your calculator:
TI-84 Plus
TI-84 Plus Silver Edition
TI-84 Plus CE
2)Open the TI Connect CE software.
3)Connect your TI-84 Plus family calculator to the computer’s USB port; turn the calculator on, by pressing the [ON] button; and make sure the calculator appears in the Content Panel.  
Please Note: Do not disconnect the cable during a transfer.
6) In the TI Connect CE software, click on “Actions” and then “Send OS.”
7) Navigate to the OS file you saved on your computer.
8) Click “Open.”

Alternative Option:

If the steps above fail or a  USB Cable is not available, the operating system can also be restored using another calculator.

Please Note: The sending calculator must be of the same model as the receiving calculator TI-84 Plus can only transfer to TI-84 Plus/TI-84 Plus Silver, TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition can only transfer to a TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition and TI-84 Plus CE can only transfer to another TI-84 Plus CE.

1) Connect the two calculators using a mini-A to mini-B USB cable.
2) On the receiving unit, check the calculator's display to make sure it is still on. If the message Error! Press any key to turn off device is displayed, turn the calculator off and then back on.
3) On the sending unit, press [2nd] [LINK] and select G:SendOS.

For more information regarding your Texas Instruments graphing calculator, please refer to the guidebooks section.