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Solution 29850: Resolving Issues With TI-84 Plus Family Calculators That Display “Validating Operating System 100%” After An Operating System Update.

How do I resolve issues with TI-84 Plus Family Calculators that only display “Validating Operating System 100%” after an operating system update?


If a TI-84 Plus Family Calculator displays the above screen after an OS update for an extended amount of time, then you may have a newer model of calculator that contains features to validate an operating system.

To verify if you have this newer model of calculator, look on the back of the calculator for the serial number. The serial number is at the top of the calculator between two indentations, and it is etched into the case of the calculator. The serial number will be 10 numbers followed by a letter, a dash and 4 additional numbers. A screenshot of a serial number is below:


If the calculator you have has the number 11 or greater as the last two numerical digits of the serial number (the screenshot listed above has 04 as the last two digits), then your calculator is one of the newer model of calculators.

If you have this newer model of calculator, your calculator can only accept the latest version of operating system version 2.55MP, and cannot receive any version older than 2.55MP. Any attempt to transfer an OS older than 2.55MP will end in failure.To resolve this issue, simply transfer operating system version 2.55 MP to your TI-84 Plus Family calculator, and wait for the validation process to complete before pressing any buttons on the calculator.

Also, when transferring the operating system to the calculator, you will see “Validating Operating System 100%” after an operating system update for up to 5 minutes while the calculator goes through additional system validation checks. This occurs even if you transfer the same version of operating system version 2.55MP.

Please Note: While this validation check is displayed, do not press any buttons or you may cause the validation to fail. At that point, you will need to transfer the operating system again.