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Solution 10390: Different File Extensions for the TI-83 Family, TI-84 Plus Family, and TI-Nspire™ Handheld in TI-84 Plus Mode.

What are the different file extensions for TI-83 family, TI-84 plus family files, or TI-Nspire handheld in TI-84 Plus mode and their meaning?

The TI-GRAPH LINK™ and TI-Connect™ software use specific file extensions when storing calculator files on the PC.

Please Note: Files that are transferred to the calculators must have these extensions to function correctly.


 .83b Backup memory image
• .83c Complex variable
• .83d GDB (graph database)
 .83e Expression (numbers, equations, etc.)
• .83f Function (Y-Vars, user-defined functions, etc.)
 .83g Group
 .83i Picture
• .83l List
• .83m Matrix
• .83n Number
• .83p Program
• .83s String variable
 .83t Table Setup
• .83w Window Setup
• .83y Y= Equation
• .83z ASM (Assembly line program)

TI-83 Plus family and TI-84 Plus family:

• .8xb Backup memory image
• .8xc Complex variable or App variable
 .8xd GDB (graph database)
• .8xe Expression (numbers, equations, etc.)
 .8xf Function (Y-Vars, user-defined functions, etc.)
• .8xg Group
 .8xi Picture
• .8xk Applications
• .8xl List
• .8xm Matrix
 .8xn Number
• .8xp Program
• .8xs String variable
• .8xt Table Setup or Text File
• .8xu Operating System (OS)
• .8xv App variable
• .8xw Window Setup
• .8xy App variable
• .8xz ASM (Assembly line program)

Files with the .83g or .8xg extensions are grouped files meaning one file has several files in it. These files must be ungrouped before they can be opened with the TI-GRAPH LINK software.

The TI-GRAPH LINK software has an Ungroup (program.83g) utility that enables you to view these files.

To extract individual files from a group file:

1) Open the TI-GRAPH LINK software.
2) Click on Tools, Ungroup TI-83 files.
3) In the Extract Files from Group window, go to the directory where the group file is located.
4) Select the file and click OK.
5) Select the directory where the individual files will be extracted and click OK.

In addition TI-Graph Link and TI-Connect may create the following which the calculator may not be able to receive:

• .BMP Bitmap (screen-image format)
• .CSV Comma separated value
• .JPG JPEG (screen-image format)
• .TIF TIFF (screen-image format)
• .TXT ASCII text
• .ZIP Zip file