Education Technology

3D Parametric

Activity Overview

In this activity, students will review the concepts of parametric and polar equations. By using the 3D graphing capabilities of the TI-Nspire handheld, students will be able to extend these ideas to the area of solids of revolution, arc length and kinematics.

Key Steps

  • Image

    Students will see a graph showing the position of an object based on the parametric equations x1(t) and y1(t). They may manipulate the sliders for the angle, θ, and the initial height, y0. They will find the location of the projectile at t = 0.9 seconds.

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    Students manipulate a slider that will allows them to change the coefficient, n, of θ in the polar equation r(θ) = 4sin(n•θ). They will observe the changes in the curve.

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    Students are presented with a scenario of a student preparing to launch an egg-carrying container from the roof of a school. Students will determine whether the container hits the brown rooftop by rotating the graph.