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Real life. Real learning.

Former professional football player, John Urschel, helps students tackle unexpected STEM careers. The Mathlete® scoops up real-life STEM lessons in ice cream flavor science, high-end fashion design and mural making.

Each lesson includes a lively video to share with your students as an activity kick-off, as well as teacher notes and student worksheets.

If students are into it, STEM is in it too

Whatever hobbies or interests your students have, they’ll need math and science to be successful on the job or in a career – even if it’s not a “traditional” STEM vocation.

Now, explore the science and math in the fun stuff kids do – things that can lead to real-life occupations – with new classroom lessons for TI-Nspire™ CX and TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculators.

Ice Cream, Cool Science

Explore states of matter and the processes that change milk from the cow into a cone of delicious decadence.

Enjoy a double-scoop of physics

Style by STEM

Algebra and geometry get dressed up for students to investigate the math of making one of the pieces that all fashion designers must master.

Get sewing

Math: An Art Form

Discover how artists use ratios, light and color to create larger-than-life murals with a lesson that combines math and science.

Paint a STEM masterpiece

STEM on the Fly

Explore the physics and algebra that explain how air enables a 70,000 kilogram jetliner to soar high into the sky.

Get cleared for takeoff