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Geometry makes a fashion statement

Geometry and fashion design intersect in this STEM Behind Cool Careers activity that explores an elementary geometric shape – the circle – with one piece all designers must master – the circle skirt.

Style by STEM explores the geometric principles – including the Pythagorean Theorem – designers use to make the skirt and challenges students to observe, investigate and reason with math to:

  • Develop the equation for a circle
  • Write equations of circles given a radius and center
  • Solve equations of circles for y in terms of x

John Urschel, the former professional football player who is also a published mathematician, visited fashion designer Mario Alberto Gallegos for a hands-on look at the STEM behind this cool, chic career.

Get your students ready for the activity by sharing the fun video of John’s math-y intro to the fashion world in your classroom.

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Mario Alberto Gallegos is one of the fashion world’s most sought-after cocktail and evening wear designers.

As a co-owner of Petit Atelier, a French-inspired fashion design shop in Dallas’ Deep Ellum neighborhood, Mario provided the career expertise for Style By STEM, a new STEM Behind Cool Careers activity.

“The first thing I learned how to make that was pretty basic was the circle skirt. It takes a lot of math,” Mario said.

Mario invited John Urschel to visit Petit Atelier and try his hand at design, including mastering the circle skirt.

“The last place you expect to find me is at a fashion design studio. But you’d be surprised at how much math and science goes into making fashionable apparel,” John said.

Using an industry-standard dress form, John quickly estimated the amount of fabric and finished accessorizing the skirt.

“Who knew geometry could be so chic,” Mario said as he finished his STEM style lesson with John.

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