Education Technology

Precalculus: Just Move It

by Texas Instruments


Students explore translations, compressions, and stretches of the parent function graph f(x) = x2 and f(x) = x3.

Key Steps

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    In this activity, students explore transformations of graphs. Modifications are made to the input and output of parent functions. In the first problem, they will begin with the transformation of f(x) → f(x–h), by changing the input values.

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    Students will then complete the transformation of ff(x)→f(x)+k, by changing the output values. They will confirm their observations by exploring the transformation of h and k together.

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    If time permits, students can explore the transformation of ff(x)→af(x). They will use fractions as well as whole numbers in their investigation. Students will also compare negative a-values to positive a-values.