Education Technology

Classroom Activities

Browse and download FREE, standards-aligned activities designed for the complete line of TI graphing calculators.

TI Codes

Engage students in math and basic coding with 10-minute, easy-access activities for TI graphing technology.

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Building Concepts in Mathematics

Explore a series of lessons that covers essential, foundational mathematics concepts, like fractions and ratios.

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TI-Innovator™ and Rover Activities

Open new channels for inquiry, exploration and collaboration with free activities for TI-Innovator™ technology.

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Principles to Actions

Enhance your curriculum with TI-Nspire™ activities developed in conjunction with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics to align with Mathematics Teaching Practices.

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Featured TEKS-aligned Activities

Support for Texas math Teachers — free activities for middle grades and high school.

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Featured CCSS-aligned Activities

Free activities for middle grades and high school.

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Search Activities

Search all math and science activities by technology, subject and other parameters.

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Publisher Connection

Search leading educational publishers for course materials that integrate and support TI technology.

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STEM behind Hollywood

Involve your students in STEM concepts the entertainment industry uses to bring its most popular genres to the screen.

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STEM behind Health

Provide your students with interactive, hands-on STEM activities based on the math and science of healing, hope and well-being.

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