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TI MathForward™ Program

Design your Algebra Readiness strategy

Customize a systemic in-school professional development plan that prepares middle-grade students for success in algebra, drives proficiency in mathematics and increases test scores and graduation rates.


Acceleration, not remediation

Equipping middle-grade students for success in algebra — rather than helping them catch up if they fall behind — is a critical first step toward higher achievement in class, on tests and through high school. Now, you can partner with TI MathForward™ professional development to develop a systemic algebra readiness plan and provide your teachers with the tools they need to help their students succeed. Your plan will be designed to:

Motivate Students

Your educators will gain expertise and confidence using TI technology, which is proven to stimulate student exploration of difficult-to-learn math concepts.

Model Best Practices

TI MathForward™ coaches will work side by side with teachers to model practices and to use TI technology as a tool to improve student achievement.

Enhance Content Knowledge

Customized instruction from coaches, either as part of professional development or PLC time, can address mathematical topics to enhance knowledge of algebra content and use of rich tasks. Additional optional support can include a college math professor working with you to increase teacher content knowledge of mathematics and pedagogy in needed areas.

Augment Your Curriculum

By building on and enhancing — not replacing — your existing pre-algebra and algebra curricula, TI MathForward™ professional development accelerates student understanding.

Adjust Instruction

Your educators will learn how to leverage TI technology for effective formative and summative assessment and use specially designed “warm up” lessons to facilitate spiral reviews.

Track Progress

The TI MathForward™ supervisor will provide you with monthly status reports so you will know what’s being accomplished in each classroom.

Sample TI MathForward™ program

Algebra readiness specialists will help you select the instructional components — professional development workshops, coaching and webinars — to best meet the needs of your district and teachers. The sample program (below) illustrates how those instructional components can be sequenced to help your educators gain confidence using TI technology, improve their pedagogical skills and enhance their knowledge of pre-algebra and algebra content.

A school district wants more students to be successful in Algebra so they can move on to higher level mathematics.

District and school administrators, math supervisors and TI MathForward™ consultants identify areas of concern and strategies for improvement.

A program of workshops, in-classroom coaching and webinars specifically selected and sequenced to meet the needs of 10 math teachers. The selected program is 38 days of support throughout the school year.

Month 1

Getting Started

Week 1

Two-day T³™ Workshop: Implementing the Common Core Mathematical Practices with TI-Nspire™ Technology workshop details

Month 2

Modeling Best Practices

Week 1

Coaching for four days of lesson planning, team-teaching, and mentoring

Week 3

Coaching for three days to support teachers integrating technology skills and questioning strategies learned in initial PD

Month 3

Putting Technology in Place

Week 1

One-day T³™ Workshop: Exploring Common Core Topics in Algebra with TI-Nspire™ Technology, followed by three days of team coaching workshop details

...Month 8

Preparing for the Future

Week 2

Coach spends time in PLC helping teachers develop resources to use with students to review for coming state assessment. Additional in-classroom coaching support

Week 3

Final two coaching days along with PLC discussion regarding next steps for teachers to continue being successful going forward

TI MathForward™ Program Components

Your educators will gain new insights and proven strategies for motivating their students, improving their pedagogical skills and enhancing their content knowledge through using a customizable combination of:

  • T³™ Workshops in your school address critical challenges, including implementing instructional practices and meeting new standards, improving content knowledge through rich tasks and activities and integrating TI technology to facilitate students’ progression from conceptual understanding to strategic and extended thinking.
  • T³™ Coaching in the classroom models instructional practices, conducts team teaching and supports teacher teams or individual teachers with lesson planning and technology integration to prepare them for successful standards implementation.
  • T³™ Webinars are custom designed to meet your educators' specific TI MathForward™ professional development goals and presented by experienced professional development instructors to reinforce T³™ Workshops and T³™ Coaching, as well as introduce new topics. Educators can participate in live webinars or learn at their own pace by reviewing them on-demand.


The above example TI MathForward™ Algebra Readiness professional development program would cost $76,000*. Pricing varies depending on the number of participants and the level of support needed to reach your goals. Contact a TI Technology Consultant using the form to the right for more information.

*TI reserves the right to change prices and/or services and products at any time without notice.

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