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Texas Instruments - A Commitment to Education

Texas Instruments has a 75-year history of innovation with a strong commitment to education. TI's corporate commitment to math and science education started with the company's founders and remains stronger than ever today. TI believes in investing in education in order to have the talent base needed to continue our legacy of innovation.

TI's Education Technology business is a leader working with educators throughout the world in developing classroom technology, training programs and support materials that connect the classroom learning experience with real-world applications at every grade level. Our mission is to improve achievement for all students by fostering quality instruction in mathematics and science education.

Education Technology Origins

TI's Education Technology group and its invaluable relationship with teachers and students started more than 20 years ago. In 1986 TI received a request from the state of Connecticut for 10,000 simple "four-function" calculators. These activities alerted TI that the educational community was largely ready to accept the use of new handheld technology as a teaching aid.

Thus began TI's highly successful practice of having its product development teams meet with educators to design better, more useful classroom tools. By incorporating educators into the product development process, the products more accurately reflect the functionality that teachers want and need.

Research Basis

Texas Instruments uses extensive research to help improve mathematics and science education. For more than 20 years, researchers in North America, Europe and Asia have contributed to substantial research on the use of handheld graphing technology and classroom networks to transform mathematics and science teaching. We advocate for definition and funding of independent and objective research needed to address areas that have minimal to no research.

Research* shows how TI products and services help

  • students increase mathematics success.
  • schools meet instructional goals.
  • schools attain accountability goals.

Leading Technology and Services

Our approach to developing education technology and services has allowed Texas Instruments to become the #1 brand recommended by teachers.

TI-Nspire™ handhelds and software, our newest technology for math and science, builds on proven* graphing calculator capabilities and adds the ability to explore multiple representations and create, save and modify work in documents - practices that are shown to improve understanding*.

The TI-Navigator™ System, which wirelessly networks each student's graphing calculator to the teacher's computer, is based on the integration of instruction, assessment and content strategies proven in the classroom. Teachers are able to track the progress of individual students or the entire class in real time, enabling them to adjust lessons and guide performance immediately - a proven* approach to increasing student success.

Our TI MathForward™ program is responding to a pressing need for middle school algebra readiness and high school algebra success. A comprehensive approach, the program utilizes a consistent, systematic approach based on eight research-based* components, including increased daily instructional time, increased teacher content knowledge, coaching and professional development, and technology to motivate students, assess their understanding and provide immediate feedback.

Educator Support

One of TI's greatest strengths is helping educators integrate new technology into classrooms. TI provides classroom activities, training resources, supplemental materials and presentation aids like the TI-SmartView™ emulator software. Many of the resources and training materials are written by educators and include sample lessons, ready-to-use activities and pedagogical approaches for teaching particular concepts.

TI is the primary sponsor of T³ - Teachers Teaching with Technology™, the largest professional development program for math and science teachers in the United States and Canada. The T³ program trains about 14,000 teachers a year on the appropriate use of handheld technology. We further support training through the Workshop Loan Program, in which TI loans handheld units and data-collection devices for workshops and teacher evaluation. Also offered are Web site discussion groups and Internet email lists for teachers to share ideas and ask questions of other educators.

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