Education Technology

Biology: DNA Replication

by Texas Instruments - Simulation Lesson


In this lesson, students will:

  • Explore how the structure of DNA supports its semi-conservative replication
  • Identify the name and function of several key enzymes in DNA replication
  • Recognize the function of Okazaki fragments in DNA replication


  • Double helix
  • Lagging strand
  • Polymerase III
  • Base pairs
  • Primase
  • Leading strand
  • Polymerase I
  • Helicase
  • Okazaki Fragments

About the Lesson

Using three simulations, students will interact with DNA replication to explore semi-conservative replication and identify specific enzymes and their roles in replication. Assessments are embedded in the activity to engage discussion and gauge learning. A video (optional) is also available to help guide students through the interactive exploration and the concepts within. 

As a result, students will:

  • Learn the basic functions of the following DNA replication enzymes: helicase, primase, ligase, polymerase I and III.
  • Learn how the double helix reproduces in a semi-conservative fashion
  • Learn the role and function of Okazaki fragments in replication of the lagging strand.