Education Technology

T³ Teacher Leader Cadre (TLC)

Professional development for your district's math and science mentors and leaders
The Teacher Leader Cadre program provides educators in-depth technology, pedagogy, and leadership training over an extended period of time.

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TI MathForward™ Program Components

Each TLC program consists of a 9-day, hands-on institute led by a T³™ National Instructor, for a maximum of 25 participants. The institutes include training on technology, content, building a professional learning community, teaching adults, and presentation skills.

Participants will hone skills taken from training and classroom experience, as well as present lessons to colleagues and the T³ instructor for professional critique.

The 9 days can be broken up as needed by the school or district. A subset of the days can also be delivered by webinar, to allow the participants even more flexibility during the school year.

Successful TLC participants will be able to mentor others and support ongoing professional development plans. Graduate credit is available.


$18,990 (instruction and materials). A graduation gift of a graphing calculator or
handheld will be provided to each participant.