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T³™ Community

For more than 30 years, educators have relied on the Teachers Teaching with Technology (T³™) organization for resources that drive student achievement through the effective use of TI technology.

T³™ Mission

T³™ provides high-quality, meaningful professional development that enables mathematics, science, and STEM educators to create a strong foundation for student success through the innovative and effective use of TI technology.

T³™ Objectives

The T³™ Community supports educators to:

  • Enhance the pedagogical skills and content knowledge of mathematics, science and STEM educators.
  • Assist teachers in increasing achievement for all students and to motivate the pursuit of higher-level math and science courses.
  • Encourage a balanced approach combining the use of TI technology along with mental skills and paper and pencil skills to support mathematics, science and STEM objectives.
  • Help teachers stay informed by introducing them to emerging TI technologies for teaching STEM subjects, including Coding and Engineering Design.
  • Enrich the classroom experience through:
    • The power of visualization through multiple representations
    • Collecting and analyzing real-world data
    • Controlling real devices and investigating output

T³™ Instructors

Learn from specially trained classroom teachers and university professors who speak from current experiences, based on technology, education trends, pedagogical practices, and student expectations in the classroom today.

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T³™ World Wide

T³™ organizations, affiliated with the North American T³™ community, serve their countries' educators, locations and educational systems.

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Check out the T³™ Learns blog, which features math and science educators sharing insights to support your classroom success.

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