Education Technology

Research at Texas Instruments

About TI's Research Program

Texas Instruments uses extensive research to help improve mathematics and science education. For more than 20 years, researchers in North America, Europe and Asia have contributed to substantial research on the use of handheld graphing technology and classroom networks to transform mathematics and science teaching.

Research shows how TI products and services help:

  • Students increase mathematics success.
  • Schools meet instructional goals.
  • Schools attain accountability goals.

Research teaches TI how to use educational technology effectively to:

  • Improve student skills and achievement in middle grades and high school mathematics when incorporated into the curriculum.
  • Improve mathematics test scores, with and without student use during testing.
  • Lead to significantly better student attitudes toward mathematics.

TI abides by a rigorous code of ethics in all research activities - a code of ethics designed to ensure the highest standards of research independence and objectivity.

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