Education Technology

Guidelines for Research

Policies for Independence and Integrity of Research

The key provisions of TI's policies include:

  • TI adheres to the research code of ethics of the American Educational Research Association
  • Assurance of data privacy is controlled by the U.S. Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the European Directive on the protection of personal data and countries' data privacy regulations, and the regulation of the researcher's Institutional Review Board (IRB).  TI does not handle or retain individual student or teacher data.
  • TI often consults with researchers on issues of research methodology and implementation of its technologies. However, TI makes no attempt to influence the conclusions of the study.
  • Authorship and final editorial control of research reports is by the researcher, not TI, regardless of copyright ownership or funding source.
  • TI practices transparency in reporting research. All final research reports funded by TI, regardless of outcome, are made public.
  • Researchers are encouraged to submit their work to peer-reviewed journals and research conferences.
  • All research communications released by TI are reviewed and approved by a panel of independent educational researchers.