Education Technology

Encourage your students to finish the year on a winning streak

Here's the challenge: Identify an everyday process that can be automated or optimized, imagine and design the enhancement, then use Texas Instruments technology to build a model of the solution.

You can still play along

The contest is closed to new entries, but we encourage your students to play along on their own. For more information about eligibility and judging criteria, please read the full contest rules »

Keep on Learning

The contest is closed to new entries, but your students can still get in on the fun.

Download the contest packet and use it as a guide for an engaging year-end project that will keep your students engaged in collaborative problem solving and critical thinking until the final bell sounds.

Download the packet

The judges will notify teams chosen to advance to Round 3 by email no later than May 7, 2018.

Finals: One Ultimate Winner

The judges will review the videos and select up to five finalists, then the world will vote to determine the ultimate champions.

Each member of the grand prize winning team will receive:

Plus, the adult sponsor will receive a $250 gift card to use for their team or class.