Education Technology

Encourage your students to finish the year on a winning streak by solving this engaging challenge:

Design a product that automates or optimizes a process or product related to food, then use coding and TI technology to build a model of the solution.

Win TI technology and more

Grand prize

Each member of the winning team will receive a TI-Innovator™ Rover and his or her choice of TI graphing calculator. Plus, the sponsor will receive a $250 gift card for classroom expenses.

Random drawings

Every team that submits a proposal in the first round of the contest is eligible to win each member’s choice of TI graphing calculator and TI T-shirt.

It’s simple to get started and gets tougher as it goes along.

Judging at each round will be based on the definition of problem, the purpose of the solution, creativity, clarity of description and realistic accomplishment. View the contest rules here »

Opening Round: Pitch your idea

Gather your team of up to five students ages 13–19, plus an adult sponsor. Then, identify a food-related process or product that your team wants to optimize, or a problem that your team wants to solve.

Let imaginations run wild. Envision what your team would build — anything from a smart irrigation system to an automated potato peeler, to a revolutionary food storage product or smart nutrition solution; if it’s related to food, it’s eligible.

When you have your idea worked out, click the button below to register your team and submit your proposal.

Enter the contest
Deadline for submissions:
11:59 p.m. Central time, March 25, 2019

Qualifying Round:
Design the solution

Up to 100 teams from the opening round will be invited to submit full project plans and designs.

Advancing teams will be notified via the adult sponsor’s email address by April 1.

Semifinals: Build it

Up to 10 teams will take the next step: bring their ideas to life.

Each semifinal team will receive:

  • Choice of TI graphing calculator
  • TI-Innovator Hub™ with TI LaunchPad™ Board
  • TI-Innovator™ accessories
  • $50 gift card for project materials
  • One-hour consultation with a TI expert

Each team must create and submit a video highlighting their final, completed project.

Finals: Five go in, one comes out

The judges will review the videos and select up to five finalists, then the world will vote to determine the 2019 TI Codes Contest Champions.

Each member of the grand prize winning team will receive:

  • Choice of TI graphing calculator
  • TI-Innovator™ Rover programmable robotic vehicle
  • TI T-shirt

Plus, the adult sponsor will receive a $250 gift card to use for their team or class.

Be inspired!

Videos of the 2018 TI Codes Contest top projects — including the overall winner — are posted. Take a look, then get the creative juices flowing!