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Our fifth annual competition is underway

TI Codes Contest is back with an exciting new challenge involving anything to do with fur, feathers, fins or scales. This year students must:

Design a solution that automates or optimizes a process or product related to pets or animals. Then use coding and TI technology to build a model of the solution.


Contestants compete to win it all

Grand prize winners
Every member of the winning team will each receive a new TI-Innovator™ Hub, TI-Innovator™ Rover and their choice of a TI graphing calculator. The winning team’s adult sponsor will also receive a $250 gift card.

Each member of the second and third place teams will receive their choice of a new TI graphing calculator and a TI T-shirt.

Random prize drawing
Every team that submits a proposal in the first round of the contest is automatically entered in the random prize drawing. Each member of the team selected will win their choice of a new TI graphing calculator and a TI T-shirt.

The next round is on

Judging for each round of the contest will be based on the definition of the problem, the purpose of the solution, creativity, clarity of description and realistic accomplishment. View full contest rules »

Opening round: Pitch your idea. Closed. All advancing teams have been contacted via email.

Qualifying round: Plan and design the solution. Closed.


Semifinals: Build your project

Up to 15 teams will take the next step: Bringing their ideas to life.

Each semifinal team will receive:

  • Choice of one TI graphing calculator
  • One TI-Innovator™ Hub
  • TI-Innovator™ accessories
  • $50 gift card for project materials
  • One-hour consultation with a TI expert

Each team must create and submit a video highlighting their completed project.


Finals: Vote for the winner

The judges will review the videos and select up to five finalists. Then the world will vote to determine the 2022 TI Codes Contest winner.

Get inspired to invent and innovate

2022 TI Codes Contest

For contest-related inquires, please email

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