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Learn from experienced T³™ instructors with track records of classroom success, who will share insights, proven strategies and new ideas for implementing TI’s exam-accepted technology and standards-aligned activities in middle grades and high school math and science.

Select from one-, two- or three-day T³™ workshops, each with a specific professional development focus: 

Instructional Practices

Instructional Practices Workshops emphasize strategies to promote discussion and make student thinking visible, while leveraging TI technology and standards-aligned tasks to deepen student understanding.

Content Knowledge

Technology Integration Workshops concentrate on enhancing students’ visualization of concepts, while supporting multiple problem-solving strategies using a wide range of TI technology features.

Technology Integration

Acquire subject-and content-focused skills that guide appropriate use of TI technology in the math or science classroom.

Workshop pricing starts at $200 per person.
Team discounts and pre-service teacher discounts are available.

Technology included with workshop registration:

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