Education Technology

T³ Coaching

Gain insights, new ideas and proven strategies that drive student engagement and achievement

T³™ Coaching prepares educators for successful implementation of CCSS, NGSS and state standards by providing individualized classroom support, mentoring and skill development.

T³™ Coaches are successful math and science teachers who are specially trained to share the instructional practices, content expertise and technology usage that increased student achievement in their classrooms.

T³™ Coaching can be adapted to meet the needs of individual teachers or teams of educators by:

  • Modeling instructional practices, improving teacher content knowledge and integrating technology for teaching a lesson
  • Conducting team teaching, providing feedback and facilitating discussion during planning periods
  • Spending time with the entire team during common planning periods to discuss curriculum alignment and other topics
  • Ongoing mentoring via phone, online engagement, and follow-on in-person visits
  • Supporting individual teachers with lesson planning and technology integration