Education Technology

Turtle is programming
in motion

Move your way to a visually rich and engaging experience in coding, mathematics and computational thinking. The Turtle module brings coding to life for students at all skill levels, especially beginners.

Available as a Python module download for TI-84 Plus CE Python graphing calculators.

Create an active learning experience

Give your students a boost of 21st-century skills with the Python module ideal for students new to coding. Create simple or complex patterns, shapes, geometric forms and more for an entertaining, active learning experience.

Bring coding to life where it counts

Built on decades of research and classroom experience, Turtle is ideal for both first-time and experienced coders.

Visual graphics give students a gentle, yet powerful introduction to text-based coding with Python in a variety of important contexts. With activities that focus on strengthening computational thinking, students are taught how to connect the world of programming to key concepts in math, computer science and technology.

Simple, intuitive and user-friendly

Once installed, Turtle module selections appear automatically in the Python application of your graphing calculator. Example programs are also included to make getting started quick and easy.


Put geometry and algebra into action with code. Let computational thinking do the work while students persevere with the aid of visual feedback.

Computer science

Introduce students to text-based coding with Turtle. Smooth the path with menu-driven syntax, visual feedback, and an immediate sense of accomplishment.


The skills students learn with Turtle can even apply to robotics — and vice versa! In fact, code written to control Turtle is nearly identical to programming with the TI-Innovator™ Rover.


Let the inner artist and mathematician loose with Turtle graphics. Motivate students with beauty through code, and inspire endless delight in creativity.

Get the power of Turtle in two easy steps

1. Download the files

Files include the Turtle module, Getting Started guide and example program files.

2. Install Turtle

The Getting Started guide provides a step-by-step process to install Turtle on TI-84 Plus CE Python graphing calculators.

Download zip file

Additional resources for teachers and students

Get the basics with TI Codes

Give students a fun and easy introduction to the basics of programming in Python with activities featuring the use of the Turtle module.

Learn more about Turtle syntax

Designed with Turtle in mind, most programs are copy-and-paste compatible with standard Turtle syntax for an easy, user-friendly experience.

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