Education Technology

Reese’s law certificates

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standard addresses the safety aspects of products using button cell or coin batteries through Reese’s Law (P.L. 117-171).

TI Education Technology acknowledges that certain products in our inventory are considered exempted, as they were imported prior to the effective date of March 19, 2024, and those products will continue to be shipped in accordance with their original specifications. New products will comply fully with 16 CFR part 1263 + ANSI/UL 42000A-2023, including the appropriate test reports and certificates, packaging labels, and user documentation requirements once those products begin shipping.

The following are the General Certificate of Conformity and/or Children’s Product Certificate required by the CPSC to show compliance. Test reports are not available to any company or individual with whom we do not have a nondisclosure agreement, and nondisclosure agreements are not available at this time, other than to authorized dealers.