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How to Register

I do not have a TI account: I have a TI account:
  1. Go to Create an individual account
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  3. You will be directed to "Register Your TI Product" page where you can enter the product ID.
  1. Sign In
  2. Select "My Account" at the top right
  3. Select "Register Product" link
  4. Enter product ID and click "Register"

FAQs on Registering TI Products

How do I find my TI product ID?

If you cannot locate the ID on your handheld or for your software, go to Locating Your Product ID to learn more.

Where do I go if I need to change my contact information or register another TI product?
You can make any changes or register additional TI products by signing into your account at any time.
Is my purchase protected?
After you register your TI product, your purchase is filed for reference in the event of an insurance claim.
How will I know about new products and promotions?
When you register, you can opt-in to receive TI newsletters and emails featuring new products, promotions and information on your new product. Be sure to enter a valid email address to receive these advantages.
How to I contact technical support?
You can Contact US by phone, email or submitting a customer support form.