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App & OS Download Instructions

Step by Step Instructions for downloading Calculator Software Applications (Apps) and Operating Systems (OS) onto TI Graphing Calculators.

1. To download Apps you need the latest Operating System (OS) version for your calculator.

To check which OS is on your calculator, follow these instructions:

For a TI-73 Explorer™, TI-83 Plus Family or TI-84 Plus Family:
1. Turn on your calculator.
2. Press 2nd MEM.
3. Press 1 or ENTER.
4. Check for latest OS version number.

For a TI-89, TI-89 Titanium, TI-92 Plus or Voyage™ 200:
1. Turn on your calculator.
2. From the home screen of the calculator, press F1. Scroll to About.
3. Press Enter.
4. Check for latest OS version number.

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2. Next, you’ll need TI Connect™ Software.

This free software makes it possible not only to transfer your Apps to your TI calculator, but will also capture screen images to use in presentations, manage your programs, download OS upgrades, and more. Don’t have it yet?

TI Connect Download and Installation Instructions

3. Connect your calculator to your computer

After installing TI Connect, you'll need a TI Connectivity Cable to make the physical connection from computer to calculator. The TI Connectivity Cable is a Standard A to Mini-B USB Cable for the TI-84 Plus, TI-84 Plus Silver Edition and TI-89 Titanium or a Silver USB Cable for Windows® /Mac® for the TI-73 Explorer™, TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-83 Plus Silver Edition, TI-84 Plus, TI-84 Plus Silver Edition, TI-86, TI-89, TI-89 Titanium, TI-92, TI-92 Plus, and Voyage™ 200.

Learn More about TI-Connectivity Cables

4. Got everything in place now to get your Apps? Follow these directions to Download Apps.

A. Go to the page for the App you would like to download. Check out this latest App listing for all Flash-based TI Graphing Calculators.

B. Select Download or Buy/Purchase button next to your calculator model.

If you have the Download option, you will be taken to the download center to retrieve your free or preloaded App. Just follow the link and save the App file on your desktop. If necessary, download TI Connect™ and/or upgrade your calculator’s OS.

If you have the Download option and the page indicates that the App is "Preloaded" on your calculator, you just have to register your calculator to receive this App for Free!

Once you register your Calculator, you can select My Collection in the Download Center to Retrieve all the Preloaded Free Apps for your Calculator.  You will be prompted to Sign In to View "My Collection." 

If the App requires a purchase, just follow the purchase link to the TI Online Store to buy the App.  After your transaction is complete, select "My Pick Up Window" to retrieve your App from the "My Collection" tab.

C.  Installing Apps on your calculator

Connect your calculator to your computer using a TI Connectivity cable. Browse for the location of the App file(s) that you saved.

For TI Connect for Windows® Users:
Drag and drop the App file(s) onto the TI Connect icon

For TI Connect for Macintosh® Users:
Launch TI Connect for Macintosh
On the menu bar, select "Connection" and then select your calculator mode.
Select the port to which the TI Connectivity cable is connected and click "Connect" (A device window will open.)
Drag and drop the App file(s) into the open device window

For TI Connect for Mac OS X Users:
Launch TI Device Explorer™ [A device window will open listing the connected calculator(s)]
Drag and drop the App file(s) on the name of the calculator upon which you would like the App file(s) installed
You will notice the file(s) being transferred

D. Press the Apps button on your calculator - and give it a whirl!

How many Apps can you download?

That depends on which calculator you have and which App titles you choose.

Your TI-73 Explorer™, TI-83 Plus, TI-84 Plus or TI-84 Plus Silver Edition calculator has "App spaces" that are chunks of memory into which you can load Apps. Some Apps take up only one space and other Apps take up to four. See how many App spaces your calculator has:

TI-73 Explorer - 12 App spaces
TI-83 Plus - 10 App spaces
TI-84 Plus - 30 App spaces
TI-84 Plus Silver Edition - 94 App spaces

The TI-89, TI-89 Titanium, TI-92 Plus, and Voyage™ 200 do not use App spaces, but do store Apps in Flash memory. The TI-89 and TI-92 Plus each have 702K of Flash Memory and the TI-89 Titanium and the Voyage 200 each have 2.7MB of Flash Memory.