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TI Connect & App Instructions for Windows®

Before Installing TI Connect

To install and run the TI Connect™ software, you need the following:


  • Computer operating system: Windows® 7 (Home Premium/Ultimate/Business) 32-bit & 64-bit, Windows Vista® (Home Premium/Ultimate/Business) 32-bit & 64-bit, Microsoft® Windows 98, 2000, and XP.
  • Hard disk space: 50 MB hard disk space available (30 MB required for installation).
  • Web browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer® 6.0 or later; Firefox® 3.0 or later; Safari® 3.0 or later.
  • TI Connectivity Cable: USB computer cable, USB Silver Edition cable
  • TI handheld device: TI-73, TI-83 Plus, TI-83 Plus Silver Edition, TI-84 Plus, TI-84 Plus Silver Edition, TI-89 Titanium, TI-92, TI-92 Plus, or a Voyage™ 200 Graphing Calculator.

Note: Some of the TI Software Tools will require Microsoft .NET Framework. If you have not installed the Microsoft .NET Framework update, you can download and install it from Microsoft:

1. When your computer is connected to the Internet, click Start > Windows Update.

     Your Web browser opens at the Windows Update Web site.

2. Scan for available updates.

3. Select Microsoft .NET Framework and click “Add”.

4. Click on “Review and Install Updates.”

5. Click on “Install Now”. Windows Update downloads and installs the Microsoft .NET software to your computer.

6. Restart your computer.


Windows, Windows Vista, Microsoft, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari are trademarks of their respective owners. 

Download TI Connect

1. Select TI Connect for Windows® or TI Connect for Mac®.
2. Choose the language you prefer.
3. Accept the user agreement.
4. When asked if you would like to Run or Save the file, choose Save.
5. From the “save in” drop down menu choose Desktop.
6. Click Save.
7. Close the Internet browser window.

Installing TI Connect

Important: Before you install TI Connect™ software; make sure that you DO NOT have the USB cable connected to the computer.

1. Locate the “ticonnect_eng.exe” file on the computer desktop.
2. Double click on it. The TI Connect Setup window should appear.
3. Please read each window thoroughly and choose next and or yes to continue.
If you do not accept the Software License Agreement, TI Connect will not install.
4. Once the Setup is complete, reboot the computer to finish the installation.

Testing TI Connect

It’s important to Test TI Connect to ensure that all the components have installed properly.

1. Plug the USB or Serial cable into the computer as well as your calculator.
2. Double click on the TI Connect icon.
3. Click on the DeviceExplorer icon, found on the TI Connect page.
4. TI Connect will search for the device. Once it is found click on select. (If TI Connect is unable to find the device please see the Troubleshooting section.)
5. Once the unit is found and selected, the DeviceExplorer window should display a list of Programs, Variables and Apps on the calculator.

How do I upgrade my Operating System (OS) and load Apps, Programs and Variables onto my calculator?

Updating your OS as well as adding Apps and Programs to your graphing calculator can give your device new features, support for new accessories and improved performance.

Important Note: Never disconnect a TI Connectivity Cable during a transfer.

Upgrading the OS
1. Connect the Device you would like to upgrade.
2. Open TI Connect™
3. Click on DeviceExplorer.
4. Once the device is found, click on the Tools link from the DeviceExplorer page and scroll to TI OS Downloader.
5. Make sure that the device you are using is listed in the window as well as the appropriate cable and click on Next.
6. If the calculator is on the screen with the blinking cursor, go ahead and click Start Download on TI Connect™. (If the calculator has lost its operating system, please see the Troubleshooting section for download instructions.)
7. The download should begin. There is a delay between the calculator and the computer so it may take a few seconds before the calculator displays the downloading screen
8. Once the calculator has completed downloading the OS, it will shut off. Unplug the unit from the computer and turn it on to display the latest OS.


Loading Apps, Programs and Variables

Note: You should already have the App or Program downloaded to your desktop in order to use the following instructions.

1. Connect the Device you would like to send an App or Program to.
2. Open TI Connect™
3. Click on DeviceExplorer.
4. Once the device is found, the DeviceExplorer window will populate the internal components of your calculator.
5. Locate the App or Program on your desktop.
6. Left click on it and drag it and drop it onto the DeviceExplorer window.
7. There is a slight delay and then the transfer should start.
8. Once finished, unplug the calculator. You should be able to locate the downloaded item under your Apps or Programs section of your unit.

Learn More about Downloading Apps 
What should I do if I run into issues downloading, installing and connecting to devices with TI Connect?

TI Connect will not download and or install.
1. Close any programs you are running in the background.
2. Make sure that your computer meets all the system requirements and computer OS requirements.
3. Make sure that you are the administrator on the computer you are installing TI Connect on.

TI Connect software will not run or produces “strange” results the first time you run it.
1. Remember to reboot after the installation is complete.
2. Make sure that when you run the software you are logged in as the same user as you were when you installed the software.

The software will not connect to the device.
1. Make sure that your calculator, cable and computer OS are supported.
2. Make sure the calculator is on.
3. The calculator must be on the home screen.
4. Check the calculator connection.
    - Turn the device off, unplug it, turn it back on and plug it back in.
5. Also check the connection between the computer and the cable.
6. If the calculator has no OS or has an older OS version, TI Connect may not recognize the device.
    - At this point, you will need to update the OS. Before updating, please note that the calculator will not be found by the DeviceExplorer. Click Cancel and continue the download procedure as if the unit was found and the OS should install.
7. If using a serial cable, make sure that no other hardware or software is using the communication port.
8. Make sure that you are using the most current version of TI Connect.

USB cable users only

1. Try plugging the cable into a different USB port.
2. Make sure that the driver installed properly.
 a. Click on Start > Settings > Control Panel > System
 b. Click on the Hardware tab.
 c. Click on the Device Manager button.
 d. Click on the ¬+ sign to the left of the Universal Serial Bus Controllers section. This should expand the USB devices.
 e. Locate the Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator driver.
 f. If the item is listed as anything other then Texas Instruments SilverLink (USB GraphLink) Cable and or TI Educational Handheld Device, it will need to be updated. If the driver needs to be updated right click on it and choose Update Driver. Make sure that there are no CDs in the computer drives and then choose to run the update wizard automatically. When the wizard completes the proper driver should be installed and you should now be able to connect.
 g. If the driver has the correct name but has a yellow mark such has an exclamation point or question mark, it will need to be updated. Use the previous procedure to update the driver.
 h. If the driver is not found at all, check under Other or Unknown devices found in the Device Manager. If any are found, update the driver using the previous procedure.
 i. If you are still unable to find the driver, uninstall and reinstall TI Connect.

To Uninstall the TI Connect software
1. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.
2. Click the TI Connect file.
3. Click Remove.
4. If you receive a warning asking if you are sure you want to uninstall TI Connect, click Yes.
5. Disconnect the connectivity cable.
6. Reboot the computer.
7. Install TI Connect.

Why am I unable to send Apps, Programs and or Variables to my device?

1. Make sure that your calculator is turned on and is on the home screen.
2. Check the connection to be sure that the calculator is connected properly.
3. Make sure you have enough memory on the device that is receiving the file.
4. It’s possible that the app has the wrong file type. If the file type is incompatible, the app will not transfer.

If after trying all the Troubleshooting steps you are still unable to install and or use TI Connect software please call the Texas Instruments customer service line at 1-800-TI-CARES (1-800-842-2737).