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Analysis and Approaches | Geometry and Trigonometry

2D or Not 2D, That is the Question


  • Students will differentiate between 2D and 3D polygons and shapes.
  • Students will use formulas for both 2D shapes and 3D polygons, such as midpoint and distance, and understand how to alter them to fit the situations.
  • Students will try to make a connection with how to understand these topics in IB Mathematics courses and on their final assessments.


  • 2D Plane
  • 3D Plane
  • Midpoint
  • Distance
  • Right Pyramid

About the lesson

In this activity, students will differentiate between 2D and 3D polygons and shapes and how simple formulas, like midpoint and distance, alter depending on which you are dealing with. Students will then apply this knowledge to real life applications to enhance their ability to understand this math in both the two-dimensional and three-dimensional planes.

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