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Pre-service Teacher Discount Program

How to Order

General Purchase Information

Pre-service and pre-credentialed middle grades and high school math and science students in the United States and Canada are eligible to receive discounts on TI technology products. Take a look below at the products available through this program.

To order products, please select "How to Order" in the left-hand menu bar on this page. Please note that only single units of any product may be purchased through this program. If you wish to purchase multiple units, please visit your local retailer or instructional dealer.

Pre-Service Student Validation

The Pre-service Teacher Discount Program is available only to pre-service and pre-credentialed students who plan to teach math or science in the United States and Canada. The program's ordering process requires additional steps for pre-service student validation that exceed TI's typical ordering process time.

Texas Instruments reserves the right to modify and/or discontinue this program at any time without prior notice.