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Solution 31411: Resolving Internet Connection Loss After Configuring TI-Navigator™ Network Adapter and Removing TI-Navigator Network Adapter from Classroom Network.

How do I resolve internet connection loss after configuring TI-Navigator Network Adapter and how do I removing a TI-Navigator Network Adapter from the classroom network?

Loss of internet connection after configuring the TI-Navigator Network Adapter is usually caused by configuring the Network Adapter to use a network connection that is also used for internet access or a wireless network connection. 

Please Note: The steps below only correspond to Type I and Type II Access Points pictured below. For assistance with the Nav-AP-US Access Point please visit Knowledgebase Article #31211.


Please Note: While the TI-Navigator System is a wireless device it does not use a wireless network connection to communicate with the computer. The Access Point can only connect via a wired Ethernet connection to the computer.

The Network Adapter you select in the TI-Navigator Network Manager is configured for sole use with the TI-Navigator System and cannot be switched easily to be used with normal internet connections so it is suggested to use the provided Belkin USB to Fast Ethernet Adapter if you use the Ethernet port built into your computer for internet access.

To correct the above two issues or to simply reconfigure the Network Adapter for use with another device please follow the steps listed below:

• In the TI-Navigator Network Manager click [Actions] [Configure Network Adapter]

• On the initial TI-Navigator Network Adapter Wizard screen click [Next]

• On the screen that follows click the option [Remove this adapter from the TI-Navigator classroom network] then click [Next]

• A popup window should appear that prompts you to restart your computer to complete the process. Make sure all your windows are closed and saved before you click [Restart Now] to complete the process.

• Once your computer has completed the restart process follow the please follow the steps listed in Knowledgebase Article #32952 to configure your TI-Navigator Network Adapter to the correct device.

If you need additional assistance with other components of the TI-Navigator System please visit Knowledgebase Article #31211.

If you require additional assistance please contact TI-Cares.