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Solution 33471: Graphing a Function and the Slope Field Based on that Function using the TI-Nspire™ CAS Family.

How can I graph a function and the slope filed based on that function using the TI-Nspire CAS family?

The TI-Nspire CAS family is not able to graph a function and differential equation on the same screen at the same time. However, it is possible to graph both at the same time using the split screen function. To do this follow the steps listed below:


• Press [home] and add a Graphs App.

• Press [doc] [5] [2] [2].

• If necessary, press [ctrl] [tab] to put the focus on the newly created split screen.
• Press [menu] [2].

• Press [ctrl] [tab].
• Press [X][x2] [enter].

• Press [ctrl] [tab].
• Press [menu] [3] [7].

• Press [Y] [1] [enter].

Please see the TI-Nspire family guidebooks for additional information.