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Solution 38062: TI-Innovator™ Hub Issues with unsupported servo motors.

Why does the TI-Innovator Hub have issues with unsupported servo motors?

When a user designs a project or experiment that requires powerful servo motors to handle loads more than 1A, they may run in to over-current issues from the Innovator Hub.

The Hub may reset or lose connection to the HHs. Repeated use may damage the Hub hardware.

The ports on the Hub are designed to operate normally within 1A current limit. When user connects a third party high current motor or adds more load to supported servo motor the behavior is unpredictable/unexpected. Most likely, the Innovator will reset and user need to re-establish the connection with smaller load. 

We recommend you should avoid using unsupported motors and also should avoid designs requiring more than 1A current draw. If It’s important for the you to have these in your project it is recommended to use the external driver circuits to handle the high current demands