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Solution 38061: TI-Innovator™ Hub Analog Sensor Readings between IN1/OUT1, IN2/OUT2 3.3V and IN3/OUT3 5V ports are inconsistent.

Why does the TI-Innovator™ Hub analog sensor readings between IN1/OUT1, IN2/OUT2 3.3V and IN3/OUT3 5V ports inconsistent?

IN1/OUT1, IN2/OUT2 use a 3.3V source and IN3/OUT3 uses a 5V source. The same sensor may result in different reading depending on the port that it’s connected to.

The Hub software (sketch) includes compensation to the known sensors but still has some variations (5-10%) which are not easy to compensate.

Sensors connected via BB (breadboard) pins can’t be compensated since sketch has no knowledge of the BB voltage source/level. Variation could be as much as 50% if particular sensor is designed to operate at 3.3v but the user connects to 5V source.

To receive accurate readings it is recommended to connect non-motor devices to ports IN1/OUT1 and IN2/OUT2.