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Solution 38116: TI-Innovator™ Hub Variation Between Temperature Probe Readings.

Why does the TI-Innovator Hub have variation between temperature probe readings?

The readings from TI LM19 temperature sensor and the thermistor (both part of the breadboard pack) don’t match a reference reading from a Vernier temperature probe especially at higher temperatures (> 60 C)

Please refer to the chart below:
Please Note: Temperature measured in C

VernierLM19 w/ 5VLM19 w/ 3.3VThermistor

The variation is due to lack of calibration in the breadboard sensors. It can also be caused by variation in the supported components (e.g. resistors used with the thermistor).

If the activity calls for highly accurate measurements, please use a calibrated sensor like the Vernier temperature probe.

Our development team is aware of this issue and plans to fix it in a future release.