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Solution 37801: TI LaunchPad™ Board Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TI LaunchPad™ development kit?

TI LaunchPad™ Boards are a range of microcontroller development kits (also called evaluation boards) from Texas Instruments. To learn more there is a lot of detail regarding the TI LaunchPad™ ecosystem at

What TI LaunchPad™ kit is used in the TI-Innovator™ Hub?
The TI-Innovator™ Hub is powered by a MSP432P401 TI LaunchPad kit. More information on the MSP432P401 LaunchPad is at

Can I use the TI-Innovator™ Hub as a TI LaunchPad™ development kit?
While the TI-Innovator™ Hub can be used as TI LaunchPad™ board, the TI-Innovator™ Hub was specifically designed to be used by students learning how to code, build, and explore using electronics. More information on TI LaunchPad can be found at

What resources are available for the TI LaunchPad™ ?
If you are interested in the TI LaunchPad™  ecosystem, you can find resources at  

How are developments kits/engineering boards used by engineers in the real word?
Engineers use evaluation boards like the TI LaunchPad™ boards to prototype their designs and verify the suitability of a particular chip for their design. These boards allow engineers to try different approaches before finalizing their design. The boards also help the engineers measure other aspects of their designs, such as power consumption and speed of operations.These evaluation boards are also used in universities to learn about microcontrollers, programming, and interfacing with sensors.

For more details about the TI LaunchPad™  Development Kit, please refer to

For TI LaunchPad™  Development Support information please refer to