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Solution 21313: Error Memory Full or Insufficient Memory When Trying to Send a StudyCards Stack to the TI-83 Plus Family, TI-84 Plus Family, TI-Nspire™ Handheld in TI-84 Plus Mode, or TI-SmartView™ Software.

Why am I receiving an error "Memory Full" or "Insufficient Memory" message when trying to send a StudyCards stack even though I have enough free FLASH ROM (Archive memory) available?

The error message "Memory Full" or "Insufficient" Memory indicates that the connected device does not have enough free memory available to receive the current transfer.

Normally, when sending application variables (AppVars) to a connected device, the AppVars are automatically stored in the device's FLASH ROM. However, when sending StudyCards stacks (which are AppVars) through the TI Connect software, the file is first transferred to the connected device's RAM.

If there is not enough free RAM available to accept the transfer, the Error Memory Full or Insufficient Memory message will appear.

To resolve this issue, Texas Instruments recommends that you send AppVars through their respective software.

For example, when sending StudyCards stacks, you should initiate the transfer using the TI StudyCards Creator software. Or, when sending Notefolio notes, you should initiate the transfer using the NoteFolio Creator software.

However, if you are trying to transfer a StudyCards stack to the TI-SmartView software, data already stored in the TI-SmartView's RAM will either need to be archived (which moves part of the data from the RAM to the FLASH ROM) or deleted. Once the StudyCards stack is successfully transferred to TI-SmartView, it can be archived by following the steps listed below:

1) From the Home screen, press [2nd] [+] to access the Memory (MEM) menu.
2) Press [2] to select the Mem Mgmt/Del option.
3) Press [ALPHA] [APPS] to select the AppVars option.
4) Using the arrow keys, navigate the cursor next to the name of the StudyCards stack and press [ENTER]. An asterisk will appear to the left of the name of the AppVar indicating it is now archived.

For additional information on memory management, please see the corresponding guidebook for your Texas Instruments calculator or software.