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Solution 39518: Compatibility Between Programs for the TI-84 Plus CE.

Can I run programs written for TI-83 family, TI-84 Plus family graphing calculators or TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition on the TI-84 Plus CE?

Some TI Basic programs for the TI-83 Family and TI-84 Plus Family may run on the TI-84 Plus CE.

Please Note: Many Programs will have to be modified for writing to the graph area as the resolution of the TI-84 Plus CE is higher then the TI-83 Family and TI-84 Plus Family .

TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition Programs should work on the TI-84 Plus CE as the resolution is the same.

Assembly programs will not work on the TI-84 Plus CE because of changes in how assembly programs are run please see KB#39498

Please Note: Assembly programs that are created on the TI-84 Plus CE will not work on other calculators because of the changes above.

Please see the TI-84 Plus CE guidebook for additional information.